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Cold Noses Drafting. Tail-waggingly great design!

About Us

The Resident Cold Noses

Cold Noses Drafting was founded in order to provide accurate, timely and cost-effective drawings to home-owners who have plans to renovate their home or other property.

Customer service is my number one priority!

Melissa, owner of Cold Noses Drafting, has a passion for excellence. Trained in Engineering Design & Drafting Technology at SAIT, Melissa spent the first few years of her career designing and engineering wood floor (I-joist) and roof (truss) systems. With an excellent ability to visualize in 3 dimensions, Melissa then moved into Estimating and Construction Drafting for renovations rather than new construction. Recently, when she noticed a distinct lack of value-priced drafting services, and especially services aimed towards homeowners who did not want to hire a full-service contractor, Melissa decided to launch Cold Noses Drafting.

Where does the name “Cold Noses Drafting” come from? Simply put, a lifetime love for animals and a ‘collection’ of cold nosed creatures (4 cats and a dog) in my household, were inspiration for the name. Rest assured that you will never be given the COLD shoulder, or see a stuck-up NOSE in your direction. My focus is on providing you with excellent quality design, down-to-earth pricing, and paws-down, tail-waggingly great service.

A portion of profits are donated to the Calgary Humane Society.

Cold Noses Drafting is located in Calgary, Alberta
Phone: (403) 456-4811

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