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These are examples of some of the many services offered.

Basement RenovationAddition

basement addition
From the simplest to the most complex and everything in between. Unfinished space to partially finished or even re-developments welcome. Original house plans not necessary (but always helpful). From an extra bedroom to an entire wing, bonus rooms, attached garages & expanded kitchens. Original house plans may be necessary in some circumstances, Real Property Report is required.
Exterior RenovationInterior Renovation

exterior interior
Modified roof lines (new roof), detached garages, decks, etc. May need Real Property Report, and Original house plans, depending on project. Re-design of kitchens, bathrooms, creating open floor plans, expanding bedrooms, and many more. Original plans will be needed in many instances, but not all.

Cold Noses Drafting is located in Calgary, Alberta
Phone: (403) 456-4811

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